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Stake your $CSPR tokens with us

We are running a validator node on the Casper Network.
We choose the best infrastructure to give you the best performances in term of liveness, security, reliability, uptime etc.

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What is Casper ?

The Casper Network is a layer one Proof-of-Stake blockchain, the first live and safe version of CBC Casper, that is designed for real-world applications without sacrificing usability, decentralization, security, or scalability.
Casper’s mission is to bring blockchain into the mainstream and create more open and transparent networks powered by the builders. Casper removes the barriers that prevent mainstream blockchain adoption by making blockchain friendly to use, open to the world, and future-proof to support innovations today and tomorrow.

What to expect ?


1% – 3%

Expected Reward Rate


Payout Frequency

Each Era (~2hours)

Node key figures

+ 25
More than 3000 delegators
+ 2.1
millions tokens staked
+ 0 m
rewards generated


Find answers to yours questions !

  1. Create an account in cspr.live and download your keys, keep your secret key in a safe location and never share it with others.
  2. Add casper signer extention to chrome , you can add it here :
  3. Launch casper signer, reset vault and create a new one with a password
  4. In casper signer , click ‘Import Account’ and upload your secret key
  5. Connect to cspr.live account (created in step1) with signer
  6. Transfer your CSPR tokens to your cspr.live account using public key (if from Coinlist, put 0 for transfer_id, and test first with small amount of CSPR tokens before sending out big amounts)
  7. Stake with : https://cspr.live/delegate-stake?validatorPublicKey=01c6d11a0fa563f8cc3ed5e967d5901c80004bdcde6250ddea18af2b4eae0a902d 

By delegating CSPR, you help secure the network.
You get part of the rewards provided by the protocol for this assistance.
If you are planning to hold on your CSPR tokens for some time, delegating will help you accumulate more CSPR tokens while contributing to the health of the network.

You can check the status of your staking on the official website of the Casper Team : CSPR.live

You can undelegate all or part of your tokens. It will take up to 7 Eras (~14hours) to get your tokens back in your wallet.
You can undelegate your tokens using the simple UI at https://cspr.live/undelegate-stake

Casper Network penalizes any validator that double signs a block by slashing the staked amount on that validator.
We are fully incentivized to do our best to prevent such events. Slashing is disabled by Casper Network for the moment.
However, delegators must be aware that slashing risk will always exist.

For the moment, the estimated APY is 13%. It means that for 1000 tokens staked, you earn 0,3 CSPR per day.
This APY can change over the time.

Your tokens are stored in the casper  network (blockchain) and not on the node itself. The node is only a gateway to the casper network.We don’t have access to your tokens. You can un-delegate it whenever you want. You can undelegate even if the node went offline


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